I don’t know where to begin. I may know when it began, but not how it began. I don’t know why my heart chose you. You’re special and part of my life now, my story.

I know, a lot of people don’t understand. Some still question me how it happened, or why I allowed it to happen.

I grew up with this feeling. Grew up on the inside. I had so many opinions before that were completely changed…

What didn’t change was my “protective way”, and how still bothers me some words that hurt. But I learned how patience with persistence, + prayers heal.

Always pray for those you love.

You’ll never know what future holds. Nothing’s guaranteed. You don’t know what can happen tomorrow… or when you’ll still have them by your side to laugh, annoy you, or simply be there for you. Pray for what you see. Pray for what you don’t see. Pray for their dreams, their will… pray for their life. Ask for compassion, protection, and peace in every aspect.

Things that I learned during these years:

Learned about where I should place my heart — yes, this is very important. Love God, keep Him first, and then love somebody else. I promised I’d never make that mistake again, and so far, thank God I’m keeping it!

Learned about how unique we are, and how alike we are too. Different mistakes, same essence. We, as humans, often make a “escale” but God sees us in a different way, and treat our mistakes the same way. When we truly regret them, we’re given another chance. We receive other perspective in life.

Learned how God’s mercy works. How undeserving we are, and how Good He is. Learned how grace works. How much we need this to be grateful and forgive.

Learned how our treasures can be drowned when we don’t know how to act, or even worse. When act based in our feelings. Learned how our mental health matters. Learned how people’s judgement can affect us, saw how they think they know everything, how they want to take control over us…

But I also gained reasons to smile and celebrate. To cry in God’s presence, and receive the relief in my soul. Learned how to fight for another person.

More info about this important date here

If you know Deise, you know him. ❤️🌼




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