10 Random Facts About Me

I love everything about nature! I love to admire my God’s creation!

Today you’re gonna have a chance to know me better!

Thank you so much Tisha, for this opportunity! I really find posts like these interesting, and wow, I’m very excited to share some random facts about me! But before you keep reading this post, I recommend you to visit her blog — Behind The Schmile, where she shares her steps to self discovery, self-improvement and self-appreciation. It’s definitely a must read, and I’m sure that you’re gonna love and relate to her way of writing and opinions! I also wanna leave here a special thanks to our favorite, Chris Brown, for bringing us together!

So, let’s go to the random facts about me:

1. I love dancing while doing chores

It’s something that keeps me motivated, because honestly, doing chores isn’t my thing lol. So, I turn up the music and dance + sing while doing chores. My day flows beautifully!

2. Currently, I’m writing in 5 different notebooks

Yes, I love writing! So, if you wanna gift me something, give me pens and notebooks! I’m a writer since I was 8, so yes, I love these type of things… it’s never enough, I always want more!

3. I love singing too and…

I have an account on Soundcloud and there’s a new song coming real soon! I inherited this talent from my mom 🙂 you can check her account here, but she only sings in Portuguese, our native language.

4. Yes, I’m Brazilian and I love english!

I have a dream to go to United States someday. I always had the skill to learn new languages, so at a very young age, I started to translate things by myself, and now I can say that I’m almost fluent in english — last year I decided to publish posts in english here and I’m very happy with that.

5. I know 6 different cities from my country

Ilhéus, Recife, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. Because of my father, my family moves constantly. I was born in Salvador, Bahia, and hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll be there again to see my grandma.

6. Daisy is my favorite flower because…

That’s the meaning of my name in Portuguese. Deise, means daisy, and its almost pronounced the same way. When I found out, it instantly became my favorite flower! I also its beauty, purity and whole meaning.

7. I gave up on driving when I was 20

Mostly because I didn’t think I was ready for such responsability. I watched classes, and I was almost going to the phase of tests, but I gave up after watching videos of people who lost family members while driving. Sad videos, including “hit and run” scenes… That made me think how I wasn’t ready for that moment, even if I did everything right… someone else could ruin everything… but now with 25, I plan on taking back the classes and try again…

8. I don’t say curse words

I never saw anything interesting is swearing, profanity. To me, it’s a waste of vocabulary, it’s a ugly thing to do… I listen to explicit songs (when I don’t have alternative), but I NEVER sing them… never, and I trained my mind to not translate them 🙂 so, it’s all good!

9. College is a distant thing for me now, but…

But I’d love to be a journalist! I never took this idea out of my head, since when a loved teacher in high school, said to me that I had the talent. Since then, it’s a dream for me. My father doesn’t approve this career, but hopefully someday, he’ll realize how much it’s important to me, and to the society in general.

10. Now I like to say that I am an amateur photographer

2017-12-10 174106.824
From my window car. Follow @senhoritadeise on Instagram!

I don’t know how or when it began, but suddenly, photography became one of my favorite things to do. I really appreciate this kind of art now, and I wanna improve in any way possible. Now I’m always paying attention to details, because I believe that everything in this world, has a beautiful side to be captured and shared. I mostly photograph flowers, but now I’m expanding my skills and trying to see more beauty in every place I go. To see more of what I’m doing, you can visit: vsco.co/senhoritadeise!

Please, don’t forget to visit her blog www.behindtheschmile.com, I’m sure you’re gonna learn great things! I love youuuu Tisha ❤ and if you liked the tag, feel free do to it in your blog and nominate more people!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

Happy Holidays!



The Truth About You


I know how it’s like to live under people’s judgement. I know how it feels to be bombarded with negative comments. Believe me, I didn’t have an easy life, for years I had so many bad thoughts, feelings and complexes. I gave up on so many opportunities, — you might know what our lives can become when we live like this, and also, we become person that we were never meant to be. I went through so much, I fought so many battles, that I’m sure that I wouldn’t win if I didn’t have God by my side. Who you see today, was molded my God. I chose to pray for that people. I forgave myself, I forgave them.

Going through that phase, I learned how to see the good in people. I learned the power of forgiveness and self love. I learned about God’s truth. His truth can’t be changed, and He says that I am precious, loved and by grace and faith in Him I can reach a new life, and that’s what I did. With confidence I embraced His truth about me and stopped listening to those who only wanted to bring me down with words or attitudes towards me. Who you see today, decided to live through God’s perspective. I learned to listen to what really matters.

blog-senhorita-deise-the-truth-about-you (2)

Hey you, reading this, I really hope you keep being positive, keep being mature, you don’t need to live under people’s approval. I hope you embrace God’s truth for you. Don’t let any comments (or self thoughts), turn into sadness, or any other kind of bad feeling, instead, love them and ignore their “death words”. Remembering of my own experiences, made me feel able to write about this and, of course, made me think even more about people surrounding me, and everyone that might need this encouragement.

Don’t give up, you can choose a different future, write a different story. God has this direction for you. ❤️ You’re loved and appreciated, don’t let anyone else define you, because God’s truth and desire are completely different from what the world has taught you so far.

He wants you.



I don’t know where to begin. I may know when it began, but not how it began. I don’t know why my heart chose you. You’re special and part of my life now, my story.

I know, a lot of people don’t understand. Some still question me how it happened, or why I allowed it to happen.

I grew up with this feeling. Grew up on the inside. I had so many opinions before that were completely changed…

What didn’t change was my “protective way”, and how still bothers me some words that hurt. But I learned how patience with persistence, + prayers heal.

Always pray for those you love.

You’ll never know what future holds. Nothing’s guaranteed. You don’t know what can happen tomorrow… or when you’ll still have them by your side to laugh, annoy you, or simply be there for you. Pray for what you see. Pray for what you don’t see. Pray for their dreams, their will… pray for their life. Ask for compassion, protection, and peace in every aspect.

Things that I learned during these years:

Learned about where I should place my heart — yes, this is very important. Love God, keep Him first, and then love somebody else. I promised I’d never make that mistake again, and so far, thank God I’m keeping it!

Learned about how unique we are, and how alike we are too. Different mistakes, same essence. We, as humans, often make a “escale” but God sees us in a different way, and treat our mistakes the same way. When we truly regret them, we’re given another chance. We receive other perspective in life.

Learned how God’s mercy works. How undeserving we are, and how Good He is. Learned how grace works. How much we need this to be grateful and forgive.

Learned how our treasures can be drowned when we don’t know how to act, or even worse. When act based in our feelings. Learned how our mental health matters. Learned how people’s judgement can affect us, saw how they think they know everything, how they want to take control over us…

But I also gained reasons to smile and celebrate. To cry in God’s presence, and receive the relief in my soul. Learned how to fight for another person.

More info about this important date here

If you know Deise, you know him. ❤️🌼



Album: Heartbreak On A Full Moon – Chris Brown

Album cover art: revealed on Oct. 6th – “ALBUM COVER, self explanatory” – Chris Brown: A human heart, dripping blood, in front of a pink moon.

Chris Brown with a solid twelve-year career, in 2017, most specifically on October 31st, took an important step: he released a double album with 45 tracks named “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” – and a bonus song (Last All Night), especially for fans on Soundcloud.

What to many people seemed like a “shot in the foot”, especially in this “digital era” when people doesn’t seem to be interested on buying physical media, eventually became a milestone in his story thanks to his talent, team and fans – who gave all the support needed to make this possible.

In just one week, “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” has now won the gold certification (for 500,000 copies sold) a fact confirmed by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Amazing, isn’t it?!

Everything started with an Instagram post in May, 2016:


It gives us an idea of how early the work for this album happened. Chris Brown is a workaholic. Music is his refuge, his art, something that he truly loves to spend time doing it. In the past years, he released for free (via mixtapes), previewed snippets on social media like Periscope and Instagram, put out songs on Soundcloud, and of course, released albums too… that’s a lot of music!

Chris, himself, said in a interview, that he had on his phone 800 songs! And can you imagine how many more he’ll have after a studio was built in his house? Haha. So, would this be the reason behind his new album, “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” have so many songs? I don’t know, but it’s a way to start finding answers for this question.

“I thought Heartbreak On a Full Moon was a depiction of what my soul wanted to say. It’s funny because we’re not doing a double album. I’ve done so many records, but all of the records, to me, are personal favorites and I feel like it gets what I want to say across. It gives a vibe. You get nostalgia or you get a sense of individuality.” – Chris Brown

This might be his most personal album

As a fan for years, so I can honestly say that I follow his art in every detail, I listened to every album, even his collaborations with different artists, and I noticed a progress in this project, I noticed growth. I feel like he finally felt ready to open up his deepest feelings, his inner thoughts – in songs.

He started doing it, in his – well done – documentary called “Welcome To My Life”, where he really welcome us, to his experiences, his career, his life choices, his pain, victories and defeats in pure honesty. We were invited to know his side of the story. We saw how everything started, we saw vulnerability, we saw the strength and the pain. The answers to a lot of questions.

And I guess that he followed the same formula with “HOAFM” – he doesn’t hide his preferences in his love life, or his choices according to who he’s gonna have a relationship with. I don’t wanna make any reference to anyone, it’s not about his exes, or about who inspired what song (yes, he wrote a lot of songs in this album) – it’s about his perspective, about his feelings, it doesn’t matter if it’s happy song, love song or a sad song, it’s about his own view.

#💔🌕 HOPE EVERYONE IS ENJOYING SEASON 1 AND 2😂🕺🏽🔥!” – Chris Brown via Instagram

What should we expect from “Heartbreak On A Full Moon”?

Cohesiveness and a story to tell. The first song “Lost And Found” is a great example of a opener! You feel the impact, as soon as you hit the play button.

Another thing that I love about this album: the samples! Michael Jackson (Even), Tupac (Juicy Booty), Outkast (This Way), Seal (Nowhere), Kevin Lyttle (Questions)… legends only! They were all perfectly chosen!

Singles, they were just a sneak peak of what the album could sound like. So far, “Party” is the most successful one, reaching Billboard’s Hot 100, 40th position, “Pills And Automobiles” is almost there, being at the 51th spot. Another fact that must be commented: every single from this era, charted!

“… very thankful to be able to inspire y’all while doing something I love ❤️. I LOVE YALL EVEN MORE FOR MAKING ME WORK HARD. #💔🌕 🙏🏽❤️ ” – Chris Brown

“HOAFM” is a treasure to be explored, a journey amid the loves, many life experiences and feelings of Chris Brown. This new project it’s like as if he had read the comments of fans and learned from previous mistakes, and gathered all this new information for a new phase in his new work.

Captivated even the unbelievers!

In three days, Brown achieved an impressive number: 68,000 copies sold – which even surpassed the predictions of several critics. What should also be highlighted is the total time of the album: 2h40min – no other artist has released such an extensive work. It’s at least audacious! He did it all by himself – with no support from his own label, no sponsor, no PR stunt… he made it thanks to his own talent, team, and of course, his dedicated fans.

On Twitter, overall positivity. At first, some people thought it would be a “torture” to listen to so many songs. Others stated that his album wouldn’t be “curated enough” and there would be a lot of “fillers”. Others followed the delusional crowd that unjustly says “all his songs/albums sound the same since…” – but all of this was proven wrong, once they hit the play button. “He did his thing with this album”, critics made positive reviews, I saw a lot of positive reactions from the public, and yes, artists and peers came supporting too.

We could see people comparing this album to their favorites, to his acclaimed and grammy award winner “F.A.M.E.” – something really special happened this week!

45 songs that flows naturally

Chris gives us a little bit of everything, and I think it’s amazing. A multi-talented artist, who doesn’t like to be “labeled”, who likes to take risks, who loves to try new things, couldn’t give us an album stuck in a “box”, or with two genres.

Number of featured artists: this also impressed. With an extense tracklist, a large number of collaborators were expected, but that was not what happened. Chris really trusted himself and gave us all of him ❤ Different producers: Chris had already mentioned that he does not listen to much of the popular stuff out there because he does not want to look or sound like anyone else… Working with “lesser-known” names, made his sound original, with well structured songs in every aspect.

PS: Chris worked again with Scott Storch, Polow da Don & Boi-1-da

Vocals, melodies, harmonies… production wise, it’s definitely his best album!


Disc 1

1. Lost & Found
2. Privacy
3. Juicy Booty (feat. Jhené Aiko & R. Kelly)
4. Questions
5. Heartbreak on a Full Moon
6. Roses
7. Confidence
8. Rock Your Body
9. Tempo
10. Handle It (feat. DeJ Loaf & Lil Yachty)
11. Sip
12. Everybody Knows
13. To My Bed
14. Hope You
15. This Ain’t
16. Pull Up
17. Party (feat. Usher & Gucci Mane)
18. Sensei (feat. A1)
19. Summer Breeze
20. No Exit
21. Pills & Automobiles (feat. Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & Kodak Black)
22. Hurt The Same

Disc 2

23. I Love Her
24. You Like
25. Nowhere
26. Other Niggas
27. Tough Love
28. Paradise
29. Covered In You
30. Even
31. High End (feat. Future & Young Thug)
32. On Me
33. Tell Me What To Do
34. Frustrated
35. Enemy
36. If You’re Down
37. Bite My Tongue
38. Run Away
39. This Way
40. Yellow Tape
41. Reddi Wip
42. Hangover
43. Emotions
44. Only 4 Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Verse Simmonds)
45. Grass Ain’t Greener

Sit back, take your time and enjoy this masterpiece called “Heartbreak On A Full Moon”. “HOAFM” is an album that goes beyond sales and records. It’s solid, different. This album has so much more to offer! I feel his soul there, I am so proud! I shared with you, during this post, my personal favorites! If you listened to the album, tell me, which songs do you like? Tell me your opinion, I’ll love to answer you!

“Heartbreak On A Full Moon” is available on every streaming plataform (Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music and more). And please, don’t forget to request the physical album at your local store/retailer. Also, keep requesting the singles “Grass Ain’t Greener”, “Party”, “Privacy”, “Pills And Automobiles” & “Questions” at your local radio station!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Talent, hard work, originality, focus and strategy. Yes. I’m proud.

Instagram: @senhoritadeise | Twitter: @blogsrtadeise

HOAFM: Favoritas da Deise on Spotify, click and check out my favorites!

Thank you for being here, and go get that album!


Frases Inspiradoras #8


Your purpose and calling isn’t for you, it’s for people who are in need and for God’s glory. Your “yes” to God means more than you think.

Seu propósito, vocação, não é para você, é para as pessoas que precisam e para a glória de Deus. O seu “sim” para Deus, significa mais do que você pensa.

Every time you get negative thoughts ask yourself, “but what does God’s word say?” His word is always true, it overpowers your thoughts…

Toda vez que você receber pensamentos negativos, pergunte a si mesmo, “mas o que a palavra de Deus diz?” A palavra dEle é sempre verdadeira, ela supera seus pensamentos…

Your obedience, faithfulness, and perspective to the Lord in the midst of the wilderness will always determine the outcome of that season.

Sua obediência, fidelidade e perspectiva no Senhor no meio do deserto, sempre determinará o resultado desse período.

The worse thing you can do is compromise who you are in Christ to fit someone else’s standard. Jesus should be your only standard… period.

A pior coisa que você pode fazer é comprometer quem você é em Cristo, para se adequar ao padrão de outra pessoa. Jesus deve ser seu único padrão… ponto final.

God will always bring something to your attention, but it’s your choice to take heed of the very thing(s) that He’s trying to show you.

Deus sempre trará algo a sua atenção, mas é sua escolha ter o cuidado em guardar as coisas que Ele está tentando te mostrar.

Sometimes things aren’t even “bad” for you, they’re just not meant for you.. & that’s ok. Accept the doors that God closes & keep pressing.

Às vezes, as coisas sequer são “ruins” para você, elas apenas não são para você… e está tudo bem. Aceite as portas que Deus fecha e continue seguindo.

If you’re trying to deliver a message and your intentions/motives behind delivering it aren’t pure, just throw the whole message away.

Se você está tentando entregar uma mensagem e suas intenções, motivos por trás da entrega, não são puras, jogue a mensagem inteira fora.

Cling to God when you’re at your highest & lowest point. Don’t make Him a priority in your life when you want Him to be. He isn’t optional.

Apegue-se a Deus quando estiver no seu ponto mais alto e  no ponto mais baixo. Não faça dEle uma prioridade na sua vida quando você quer que ele seja. Ele não é opcional.

All these beautiful quotes can be found in @JemiahMB‘s account on Twitter! I love and admire you Jemiah, God bless you even more, thank you for sharing your thoughts and relationship with God!

I really hope you guys liked the post, please, don’t forget to leave a comment and if you want, share with your loved ones! Thank you for being here, reading this post! XOXO.

Todas essas frases podem ser encontradas no perfil da @JemiahMB. Todas são de autoria dela! Espero que vocês tenham gostado! Não se esqueçam de compartilhar com quem você ama!

Beijos da Deise!


My Journal’s Journey

“Sou das artes mais bonitas. Da música. Da poesia. Do amor…”

“I’m from the most beautiful arts. From music. Of poetry. Of love…”

Em diversas oportunidades no blog, e em todas as redes sociais que eu participo, contei para vocês, o quanto eu amo escrever! Faz parte de mim, criar, inspirar, transmitir meus pensamentos… tudo através das palavras escritas. Depois de ter avistado, um dos cadernos mais lindos, nossa, foi amor à primeira vista (gente ele brilha muito, é chique, e as páginas são ótimas para escrever) decidi começar uma jornada com um “diário artístico/criativo”, e gostaria de compartilhar isso com vocês!

(🇺🇸) In several opportunities here on the blog, and in every social media that I participate, I told you guys, how much I love writing! It’s part of me to create, to inspire, to convey my thoughts… all through written words. But today, I’m gonna tell you, about my journal’s journey, that began when I saw, one of the most beautiful notebooks, it was love at first sight – it’s so bright and fancy, and the pages are great for writing – I decided to start an “artistic / creative journal”, and I would like to share this with you!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Foto linda do meu journal (diário em inglês). Encontrei esse mimo, nas Lojas Renner. A frase acima, eu vi na bio do Instagram da cantora Marília Mendonça, e eu me apaixonei! 
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
These images were taken from a “flight company magazine” that my father brought home, months ago. It’s like a therapy for me to search for them, cut out and glue them! 

Eu escrevo nesse diário, tudo aquilo que Deus fala ao meu coração. Tudo aquilo que me inspira. Aquela frase que inicia a “faísca” que gera uma grande reflexão. Nele, eu documento os meus dias, falo sobre o que me faz sentir grata. Escrevo sobre minhas frustrações e questionamentos – por que não né?

Meses atrás, estava lendo um diário que tive na infância, e ter acesso a isso, só provou o quanto eu mudei, o quanto Deus operou em mim. Por isso, também considero importante escrever esses tipos de coisa em cadernos, diários… o que for! Você acaba se conhecendo melhor a partir disso, sabe de onde se originou certo tipo de pensamento, sentimento… vê a sua mudança com o passar do tempo.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Assim como em tudo que eu faço, meu journal é bilíngue haha. 

(🇺🇸) I write in this journal, everything that God speaks to my heart. Everything that inspires me. That quote that initiates the “spark” that generates a great reflection. In it, I document my days, I talk about what makes me feel grateful. I write about my frustrations and questions – why not?

Months ago, I was reading a diary I had as a child, and having access to it, only proved how much I changed, how much God worked in me. So I also consider it important to write these kinds of things, because you end up knowing yourself better from that, for example, you know where a certain kind of thinking originated, you know your roots, what’s really important to you, who you are and things like that.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Todas as imagens foram retiradas de uma revista que circula em aviões haha. Meu pai a trouxe pra casa, meses atrás. É uma grande descoberta garimpá-las, cortar, colar… criar o conceito da página… amo!

Considero como uma terapia. Essa é a segunda vez que eu invisto em um journal artístico, cheio de colagens, e mais no estilo de “criação” mesmo. Criei também, uma parte nele com planejamentos e metas – como em um bullet journal (se você não sabe o que é, ou como se faz, em breve explico e mostro para vocês aqui no blog) e, fica tão legal vislumbrar as suas goals e como você pretende alcançá-las! É uma satisfação enorme!

(🇺🇸) I consider it a therapy. This is the second time I invest in an artistic journal, full of collages, and more in the same “creation” style. I also created a section in it with my plans and goals – like a bullet journal (if you do not know what it is, or how it’s done, I’ll explain it and I’ll show it to you here on the blog soon), and it’s so cool to see your goals and how you intend to achieve them! It’s a huge satisfaction!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Todas as fotos foram tiradas em um iPhone 6s, e editadas no app VSCO.

(🇺🇸) I showed here, my favorite spreads. There are most posts coming, this is only part #1. All picture were taken with an iPhone 6s (OMG, YES, I finally have one lol, thank you dad) and edited on VSCO app (visit my website here). I really hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I loved doing it!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Estou colocando flores e folhas também – minha margarida-crisântemo, é uma recordação linda! Post-its são itens indispensáveis, organizam e enfeitam! Ah, nem tudo sai no “cronológico” haha, eu amo essa disposição espontânea.

Então é isso, espero que vocês tenham gostado das spreads (páginas) de hoje! Não se esqueçam de me seguir no Instagram, para acompanhar as novidades em primeira mão: @senhoritadeise & @blogsenhoritadeise e, a lição de hoje meus queridos, é documente a sua vida, suas aspirações, pensamentos, aquilo que te inspira… vale muito a pena! Por favor, não se esqueçam de deixar um comentário! Contem o que vocês acharam ❤

(🇺🇸) So that’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s spreads! Do not forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with the news, in first hand: @senhoritadeise & @blogsenhoritadeise and, my dear readers, the lesson today is: document your life, your aspirations, your thoughts, your inspiration… it’s completely worth it! Please, don’t forget to leave a comment, tell me what you think. ❤

Mil beijos da Senhorita Deise!

“The pain taught me how to write, and the writing taught me how to heal.”

margarida desenho-Transp