Begin Again

Fonte: Pinterest

I think it’s completely understood by now, that we all have a choice. Every single day is a blessing, even though all we see with our earthly eyes, is things getting complicated.

I won’t lie to you, sometimes I feel this way too. I feel the pain, heavy on my chest. It’s hard to see people dying, people losing their jobs, not knowing how they’re gonna sustain their families… it’s hard.

But again, God always has a way to show to those who love Him, that He’s present. In amidst of it all, I found this image/quote on Pinterest that inspired me to write this post.

Rely on God, begin again. Renew your strength, every single morning. Rely on God with all your love and understanding.

As if nothing had yet been done! Things might be extremely complicated, perspectives might not be how we wanted, but you gotta trust God as nothing had yet been done…

Our eyes can’t see it now, but they will see, as long as we trust in God, the way we should.

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