Dreaming is allowed.

It is allowed to let yourself be carried away by your imagination, to places that our physical body cannot yet be.

Dreaming is a gift given to human beings. A dream is born out of desires, a dream is born out of our deepest needs.

A dream is born, from our formation, from our hunger to be somebody in this world, to possess, to do something meaningful.

Dreaming is allowed and somehow necessary.

It’s funny, because nothing in this dream is mine.

Nothing, not even when it becomes real, and that is the function of the dream, to show us what no matter how beautiful, no matter how desirable or noble that dream is, however much we strive to achieve it and finally achieve it, none of this is ours.

For we do not know our set time here on Earth and we will not take anything with us when we leave, not even this body! So the dream can be beautiful, make us smile, dream about God then, even better.

But nothing is really ours.

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