Healing is a process.

We don’t know when it ends, but the start is only up to us. I get how hard it can be, I know how painful it can be, but in the end we’ll be renewed. Healing is like looking at a flower, it’s like sowing seeds, taking care of the earth, taking away everything that can prejudice its growth…

Healing is a process. We may think we’re “alone” in this, but above it all, God is for us. Yes, the Almighty Lord, He’s waiting for your decision. He’s waiting for your first step. He’s waiting for you to forgive yourself, He’s waiting for you to believe more in Him, and less in people’s opinions.

Things won’t happen overnight, but the change begins within yourself, the self love grows inside your heart, and you’ll be free. I promise you, you’ll be truly free!

The choice is ours. We decide.

I wish I could give you the tightest hug right now. Be a listener, be your closest friend. But for now, I’m just here, miles away from you, but somehow close to your heart while you read this post.

I wrote this, because I have faith in God and this process. I believe. I care because I know how precious your soul is. You’re gonna find this purpose, I know. I have faith.

Wherever you are, may God bless and protect you from all evil.


“… just let the pain remind you hearts can heal.”



You’re Loved

You’re one of a kind. There’s not a single person in this world like you. You’re so different from the rest, so special, that I want you to know that, I really hope you know that.


Please, don’t let nothing steal your peace. Don’t let people’s expectations, hate, envy, or whatever other feeling or opinion they may have about you, discourage you or steal your dreams.

When you stare at your reflection in the mirror, when you find yourself thinking about your past experiences or “failed” relationships, I hope you also remember how deserving you are of being loved with a pure love, hope you remember you’re not your mistakes, hope you remember your worth, and that you can’t hold any type of guilt forever.

Hey, you’re loved. I always tell you this, because it’s true. When I look at you, I see energy, I see talent, I see someone special. Please, don’t let nothing overshadow your inner light.

I know your heart is big, don’t be afraid to open it up to the right person. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, keep believing in yourself.

The pain exists to makes us know that we can be healed. Challenges exist to make us grow. Some situations happen to make us know how strong we can be, how powerful we can become when we simply choose to be positive and ignore anything else.

Today, and always, I wish you well. Stay surrounded by those who love and value you for who you are. My heart chose to love you, and I accepted this with open arms. For eleven years straight, you’re like family to me, you’re in every prayer I say.

I hope you find people who will embrace you and enrich your journey. I hope you find strength and compassion to overcome those who wish you bad.

Hope you understand your purpose. Hope the deepest desire of your heart comes true. Hope you see more sunrises, and feel grateful for every sunset.

Here’s to another stepping stone. Here’s to a new chapter. A new chance to make everything work out for good. I know you can make it. You will make it. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

May God bless you in every aspect of your life.

You’ll be forever my favorite, Happy Birthday!

For all the air that’s in your lungs
For all the joy that is to come
For all the things that you’re alive to feel.

With love, Deise ♡

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Dois Anos!

Ah, como o tempo voa, não é mesmo? Há dois anos, o primeiro post desse blog estava no ar. O primeiro, com um domínio registrado, e uma grande vontade de seguir com um sonho dado por Deus.

Wow, look at how time flies! Two years ago, the first post on this blog was shared. The first with a registered domain and a great possibility to follow a dream given by God.

Arte por Drew Brackenholden, thank you so much angel!

Se eu alcançasse uma pessoa, tocasse um coração, toda a jornada até ali, teria valido a pena. Quanto mais eu cresço, mas eu percebo o quão importante a minha mensagem pode ser. Não estou à procura de aprovação ou fama, vai muito além disso.

(🇺🇸) If I reach one person, touch one heart, the whole journey would be worth it. The more I grow, the more I realize how important the message can be. I’m not seeking approval or fame, it goes beyond that, means way more. 

Esse blog faz parte do meu dom, pertence ao meu propósito. O que eu colher disso, já considero como lucro. O que eu plantar, será benefício para mim mesma, e para qualquer um que vier buscar algo para si.

(🇺🇸) It’s belonging to my gift, to my purpose. What I gather from this, I already consider as profit. What I sow, will benefit myself, and anyone who comes here to seek something for themselves, their lives.

O exercício do seu dom, só faz bem! Não o deixe adormecido, não o abandone. Uma certa vez, ouvi a frase, “Deus não te dá a fruta, mas dá a semente para você plantar.” Por exemplo, às vezes você ora muito, pede muito por uma coisa (“Pedis, mas pedis mal” – por isso não recebe), mas a bênção do Pai, está bem aí, a semente! Nem tudo está no óbvio, o processo é seu, Deus só fica responsável pela parte dEle.

(🇺🇸) The exercise of your gift, will only do good! Do not let it asleep, do not give it up. One time, I heard the quote, “God does not give you the fruit, but He gives the seed for you to sow.” That’s right! For example, sometimes you pray a lot, ask a lot for one thing (“You ask, but you ask badly” – that’s why you don’t receive it), but the blessing of the Father is right there, in front of you, the seed! Not everything is obvious, the process is yours, God is only responsible for His part.

Sempre quis ser jornalista, mas ainda não foi possível a realização dessa minha vontade. Enquanto isso, não me desespero, nem em entristeço, exerço o meu talento naquilo que posso e ofereço o meu melhor.

(🇺🇸) I have always wanted to be a journalist, but I have not yet been able to do that. Meanwhile, I do not despair or sadden myself, I exercise my talent in what I can, and offer my best.

Quero agradecer a todos que tiram um tempo do seu dia, da sua vida, para ver o que acontece aqui. Para ler o que eu tenho a dizer, minhas experiências, tudo que tenho aprendido… quero agradecer os inúmeros incentivos, as inúmeras sugestões, participações, todo carinho, pois tudo que é postado aqui, é feito com muuuuuito amor.

(🇺🇸) I want to thank everyone who takes time out of their day, of their life, to see what happens here. To read what I have to say, my experiences, everything I have learned … I want to thank the incentive, your suggestions, participations, all affection, because everything that is posted here, is done with so much love!

Feliz 2º Aniversário #BlogSenhoritaDeise!

Vida longa!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my blog!

Keep interacting with me.





How To Deal With Rejection


Here’s the truth, some people won’t like you.

But you know what? You don’t have to fear their rejection.

You don’t have to live your life wondering why they didn’t accept you.

You don’t have to make them want you. You don’t have to spend your time trying to create situations that will bring them close to you, or even do what they want to please them. You don’t have to change your ways just to fit in, just to belong in their group.

The truth is, they won’t like you anyway, and they’ll end up judging you.

Do you wanna know what you should do?

Love them anyway, and move on. Move on with your life, keeping compassion and positivity in your heart for those who need. Keeping a smile on your face. Being yourself, because, keeping your heart clean, not dwelling in bad feelings, and your thoughts pure, someday, you’ll attract people who will appreciate you for who you are, and will embrace you.

After all that, you’ll meet more people, and amidst your journey, guess what, you’re gonna find more people who’ll dislike you.

That’s the way life works, but, fortunately, we can choose what kind of battles fight. We can choose whose gonna be in our lives, the things we’ll consider important, and how we’re gonna spend our time, give energy and attention to.

So be wise! Some people won’t love you, and that’s ok. It happens. What truly matters is how you see yourself. What you’re gonna do, how you’re gonna deal with it. Rejection ain’t easy! I must confess, that I almost never knew how to understand this, I almost failed at most of the times, but thank God for maturity! 🙌🏽

I can’t feel completely responsible for that. I can’t obligate them to feel something for me, I just can’t.

Some people won’t support me. Some people won’t recognize my efforts. Some people won’t find my beauty. Some people won’t find me interesting, or worthy of their friendship. Some people will always diminish my dreams, and assume I’m unprepared. Some people just won’t understand my choices and way of living – most of them just won’t have valid reasons to dislike me.

Some people just won’t understand the fact that I’m not like them. Some of them will always have a reason to talk about me, or don’t talk about me at all… like they might just not acknowledge my presence! Yes, I can be invisible for them too… I might never be known or popular among them… I might never cross their minds or conversations…

But if I have God for me, and myself, who’s gonna stop me? Who’s gonna hold me back? If I have and value the love of The Almighty God, and treasure and obey His Word and believe in His promises for my life, who’s gonna try to tell me the opposite? Who’s gonna bring me down? Who’s gonna make me feel sad and unworthy?


Love yourself, but this time wholeheartedly and with confidence.

Keep your head up!




How Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Improve Your Appearance

Adding an extra hour each day reaps enormous benefits for your appearance. A healthy person is more attractive than someone who is not. Two aspects of being healthy are getting exercise and eating correctly.  

blog-senhorita-deise-How-Waking-Up an-Hour-Earlier-Can Improve-Your-Appearance


Those who get out of bed early can squeeze in a workout. You don’t have to be a morning person if you wake up early. Instead of snoozing, you are moving. Hitting the gym before the sun rises is an excellent way to seize the day.  Putting on your casual jumpsuits and starting your meditating in early-morning light is also a way to find peace and self-control.

The habit can boost your productivity and mood. The session will wake you up, energize you, and make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. Who do you think has a better appearance, someone who is relaxed and energized or someone who is tense and stressed?

Healthy Eating

Getting up early, allows you to eat healthily. Too often, people running late give into the temptation of a doughnut or grab a breakfast burrito from a fast food restaurant. Extra calories add up fast. That extra hour in the morning can be used to cook a high-protein, healthy meal. The healthy breakfast makes you feel satisfied and curbs cravings during the day.

Time to Plan What to Wear

That extra hour means you have the opportunity to spend time on little things that improve your appearance such as ironing your blouse or choosing an elegant wrap dress and accessories to go with your outfit. You have time to fix your hair and moustache, and for ladies, to apply makeup correctly and choose a nice lipstick.

Studies have shown that a job candidate’s appearance and attire have an impact on the likelihood of being hired. Some easy fashion ideas include taking time to do a once-over after you are dressed. Snip loose threads and wipe away shoe scuffs.

Fashionistas suggest having a capsule wardrobe made up of pieces that can be mixed and matched. Start with an outwear collection. A polyester duffle coat in black, green, or coffee can polish an outfit. Other suggestions include denim, leather or faux leather jackets, blazers, dark jeans, and a white button-down shirt.

Take Advantage of the Time

Waking up early is not a magic appearance enhancer, in and of itself. Take advantage of the extra time to become healthier and well put together. An early morning arising can be a zen experience. It is a time to think, read, or breathe. You will feel better, and those around you will notice how attractive you are.

Thank you so much Floryday for collaborating with me, for sure, I’m gonna use these tips!

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Faith, Hope and Love

That’s right my friends, we are living the first days of 2018, and the special message that I want to leave here for you, is a verse that God spoke to my heart, the moment I started thinking about something to publish here.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

blog-senhorita-deise-faith-hope-and love

Thinking of how to go forward, how to tread my walk this year, those words came to my mind and inspired my heart.

You can not live without FAITH

Faith is what binds us directly to God, it is the certainty of what we do not yet see, it is the reability that moves us. The confidence that gives us the conditions to fight. Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. The righteous shall live by faith. Whatever achievement we aspire to, whether on the spiritual, material, soul, or body level, we can only reach and establish what we desire through faith.

Faith is power. Faith is relationship. Faith is communication through prayer. How can we speak to God without having the full conviction that He’s listening to us?

If we have FAITH, we need to WAIT for something, and how can we expect good things without HOPE?

To have HOPE is to know that something is possible, it is the expectation that drives us. It’s that smile on your face when you apply for something. Hope is to expect something good, it is to take the eyes of what is temporary and glimpse the future. I believe that this hope that I’m talking about here, is to share your plans with God. Glimpse Heaven, and know how important this is.

When faith and hope go together, the human being becomes capable of realizing his best and biggest dreams. The human being materializes the plans that God has for his life. These two are great pillars of life. A person without these two pillars is incomplete. He lives in “a world without color”, without perspective.

To have hope these days is to go against the world. We turn on the TV, we read newspaper, log in on our social media for a few minutes, and we see a “flood of tragedies” and not-so-promising futures… when we live in hope, we nullify this negativity, and we want to see the vision of what God wants for us!

But there is still more important to talk about: LOVE!

Yes, LOVE is the greatest of these!

What would we be without Love? I believe that every human being is born with the first and most important “of Loves”, that of God for us! Whoever accompanies the blog, knows that I am Christian, and when I speak of this Love, I am not talking about religion! Religion, in my opinion, only gets in the way. Religion separates, detain people by mere rules, creates dissentions, and ultimately kills (kills both spiritually and physically).

When I speak of Love, it is impossible not to relate the decision I made, this pure feeling, to follow the God that I believe! I never forget a verse in the Bible that says that we’re recognized as children of God, only when we love, when we carry this love within us! And in the Bible, book of 1 Corinthians 13, Paul says:

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
1 Corinthians 13: 2,3

If your intentions aren’t covered in love, it’s no use doing what you do. There is no point in possessing everything in the material matter, if you do not have love. Understand that without true love, no kind of relationship lasts. If you do not love God above all things, if you do not love yourself, if you do not love your neighbor (or fail in some of these steps), you’ll be nothing, nothing will matter.

Love is the beginning of every relationship. Love is the basis. Faithfulness, for example, grows with Love. To be the image and likeness of God, begins when we love Him, when we love those who are on our side, no matter who they are. We stand for Love.

Do not exchange Love for coldness. Do not annihilate LOVE within you because of traumas, sorrows, sadness, disappointments… who remains in LOVE, is justified.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

I want to continue in 2018, with a lot of FAITH. I want to have HOPE, good expectations, because only then, I can run after something that serves as an experience for me! And of course, have lots of LOVE inside of me!

Notice how these pillars are connected! I hope I have been able to explain a little of what I received. I wish that your 2018 will be the year in which you put into practice FAITH, HOPE and LOVE! That you count on God, may you trust Him with all your heart. You can count on me too, leave messages, comments… it will always be a pleasure to answer them. I ask with great affection, that you share this post, maybe it reaches someone who needs this message!

XO and I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, I love you all!

May we continue together on this journey!