The Taste

“Though evil is sweet in his mouth and he hides it under his tongue, though he cannot bear to let it go and lets it linger in his mouth, yet his food will turn sour in his stomach; it will become the venom of serpents within him.” — Job 20:12, 13 and 14

First post of 2019, and in it, an important message.

For many, impunity “rolls loose,” and justice seems to be delayed. For many, the wicked are those who get along, and the more they commit evil, the more they are enjoying life. Many think that by hiding from human eyes, they are free from accountability.

But I have become aware that I am not alone! Wherever I go, no matter where I am, there are two spiritual forces looking at me. And in this scenario, there is yet another factor that can draw me to one side, and move away from another: my flesh, which shelters my human nature and my will.

And in what context does it all come in?


Let’s take a simple and straightforward example: the moment an individual steals, he feels “powerful.” He has in his hands a large amount of money that gives him possibilities to acquire what he could not buy before.

He makes the first acquisition. He flaunts. But the first time, despite bringing him satisfaction, is not enough and he repeats the act. At first it pays off, after all, he was not discovered, and it brought pleasure, like when we have a meal.

Imagine this sensation is similar to eating a beautiful, hearty plate of food. The taste is incomparable, delicious, sweet as honey. But then, over time, comes the heartburn, or worse: a major food poisoning that causes devastating problems, leaving the whole body prostrated, losing energy, vitamins, compromising health, and bringing risks.

The taste in the mouth becomes extremely bitter – and this is the point at which the individual mentioned in the situation illustrated above is discovered, and all that “he has” is taken away from him. Here comes the shame, the consequences, the weight, the gall.

Illusions built upon illusions. A large sand castle that melts with the least contact of water. Nothing over nothing, and it only brings pain and emptiness. This is the effect of sin: at first, it brings satisfaction. Evil does not show itself as it really is. It shows up like something attractive, flashy, like a great treat.

(…) yet his food will turn sour in his stomach – and, that’s the key phrase of the verse. Maybe, you know someone who does something wrong, who apparently lives a good phase. But please know that all of this, sooner or later, will bring sad consequences. Perhaps this person is you, feeling invincible, thinking that you are on another level, that you will never be discovered, that “it’s nothing”. You, who still do not know how to overcome your own weaknesses, know that your soul is disputed every day. Know that sinning constantly without repentance separates you from God and in my opinion that is the worst of all.

Staying with a sore, heavy conscience is not worth it. Another trap that comes with this is the accusations, which make you feel unworthy of forgiveness and a vicious cycle that this mistake can bring.

So, my friends, when evil offers you a banquet, refuse it immediately.

I assure you that “the taste of the food” that God gives you is worth more. You’d better wait on Him, than despair and “get your feet in your hands.” There are sensations that are fleeting, like taste in the mouth. Mom always says that after we feel the taste in our tongues… it’s gone. So it is better to eat something healthy that will bring benefits later, than an apparent good taste, which will do extremely badly afterwards.

I hope I have succeeded in putting this reflection here. For this year, I intend to be with my communion with God, always on high and always remember that to build with Him is always better than giving in to the temptations that seem good choices, but that only bring pain and become torment.

My dear readers, may we in 2019, know how to make the best choices for our SOULS!

Happy New Year!

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