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As you grow up, things will get hard. I feel like, life can be compared to a videogame. When you advance, you face new challenges. You fight, struggle, make strategies and evaluations, just to execute your next move – to do what? To win. To win is all you want, and this is impossible without these two steps: sacrifice and progression.

Sacrifice, according to a dictionary, is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. And progression means a movement forward, especially one that advances toward some achievement. Moving towards a goal, steps that will take you ahead.

So, saying this you should know that:

If you want to progress, you’ll have to leave behind what doesn’t belong in your life anymore.

It’s normal to outgrow people, mores, old ways to think, dress, talk, behave. And it’s necessary. My heart was feeling so sad to let go of a few memories – ugh, I gotta accept that I lost the way things used to be, but if I didn’t take action in this, this pain wouldn’t allow me to move on and be better.


To identify what doesn’t fit in my life, requires self-knowledge.

To move forward, I gotta know who I was, who I am, who I wanna be. Where I came, where I’m going, and where I’m gonna be. Gotta know what I like, and why. I have to know what upsets me, what kind of  “circle” and habits I am keeping. I gotta know myself completely, the bad and the good.


Everybody has a purpose in life, even you!

Don’t be afraid to let go. Sometimes we lose time with things, feelings, relationships, jobs, thoughts, that don’t matter anymore – won’t take us nowhere, and only cause pain, conflicts. Your heart needs to be free! #CampaignFreeYourHeart.

Your treasure can’t be placed in temporary and earthly things – they can hurt and disappoint you, can make you weak. Find your purpose! Sacrifice, progress. Identify what holds you back, what makes you sad, what doesn’t let you to reach your full potential – this won’t happen overnight, it’s a journey, it’s something you build with God through faith.


Changes happen constantly, progress and be a good one! Say “I decided”

You can’t stand still. If you have the opportunity to do good, to be good, do it, be it. Only you are responsible for your own growth, so progress! Use your faith, your imagination, your strength to advance, to make a good change.

When they ask: “OMG, what happened to you? You look so different”, just say “I decided”. Say you decided to be an exponent, an instrument of positivity, someone who decided to progress, and keep ypur word! If they want to join you, yayyyyy, this is great.

I wish I could say more, but I need your help! Leave a comment, tell me what you think post via Twitter, here on the blog… feel free to contact me and talk more about this!

I decided, how about you?


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