The Other Side Of Pain


“Remember to let your pain evolve you. Do not let it destroy you.” – Bibi Bourelly

Let it mold you into a better person.

We often forget about this “side of pain”. Most of the times, this pain you’re going through, must be a sign. A sign that you should’ve let go of things, people, habits and more that don’t add up in your life anymore – don’t ignore these signs. The results aren’t positive, but you still can get up and use this “mistake” in your favor. Let it mold you, let it be your motivation to keep AWAY from your heart and mind, feelings like pride, hate, sorrow, cling to the past, toxic relationships…

If we pay more attention, anything in our lives can turn into a lesson or a blessing if we choose to. You may not see it now, but everything will make sense later if you decide to see the other side, yes the other side of pain.

The side that can teach. The side that can open your eyes to things you didn’t see or understand before. The side that can make you realize who’s being real to you, or not. The side that can make you fight for what you really deserve, for your rights, for what you want.

In life, I’m sure you met at least one person who changed her/his quest, their journey after going through something bad in life. They chose the other side, the side of faith and perseverence. The side that didn’t allow them to become prisioners of feelings and circunstances.

“Please, don’t give up on yourselves and understand that even through darkness, there is a light in you that’s waiting to be switched on.” – Bibi Bourelly

And here’s the most important, trust God, He wants to help you. During these moments, let Him heal you, keep a close relationship with Him. After all, the victory will be yours if you have faith.

And if you went through something that is a huge weight on your shoulders, something that you can’t go through alone, pray to God, talk to someone. Share your problems, your feelings, your burdens.  There’s a solution for you, and we care.

God is there for you, I’m here for you, if you need. Don’t let this pain stop your life, don’t let this pain keep you from your brighter future. Don’t let it steal your happiness – there’s always another side and you can experience this freedom.

I really felt inspired while typing this. Feel free to leave your comment, tell me what you think, tell me your experience. What else can be added here? What else fit this subject? Let me know, I need your feedback. I hope it helped you, and if this post is good in your opinion, please, share it! Let’s spread good messages, messages that inspire hope!

Thank you for being here! God bless you, hope you come back soon!

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