How To Deal With Rejection


Here’s the truth, some people won’t like you.

But you know what? You don’t have to fear their rejection.

You don’t have to live your life wondering why they didn’t accept you.

You don’t have to make them want you. You don’t have to spend your time trying to create situations that will bring them close to you, or even do what they want to please them. You don’t have to change your ways just to fit in, just to belong in their group.

The truth is, they won’t like you anyway, and they’ll end up judging you.

Do you wanna know what you should do?

Love them anyway, and move on. Move on with your life, keeping compassion and positivity in your heart for those who need. Keeping a smile on your face. Being yourself, because, keeping your heart clean, not dwelling in bad feelings, and your thoughts pure, someday, you’ll attract people who will appreciate you for who you are, and will embrace you.

After all that, you’ll meet more people, and amidst your journey, guess what, you’re gonna find more people who’ll dislike you.

That’s the way life works, but, fortunately, we can choose what kind of battles fight. We can choose whose gonna be in our lives, the things we’ll consider important, and how we’re gonna spend our time, give energy and attention to.

So be wise! Some people won’t love you, and that’s ok. It happens. What truly matters is how you see yourself. What you’re gonna do, how you’re gonna deal with it. Rejection ain’t easy! I must confess, that I almost never knew how to understand this, I almost failed at most of the times, but thank God for maturity! 🙌🏽

I can’t feel completely responsible for that. I can’t obligate them to feel something for me, I just can’t.

Some people won’t support me. Some people won’t recognize my efforts. Some people won’t find my beauty. Some people won’t find me interesting, or worthy of their friendship. Some people will always diminish my dreams, and assume I’m unprepared. Some people just won’t understand my choices and way of living – most of them just won’t have valid reasons to dislike me.

Some people just won’t understand the fact that I’m not like them. Some of them will always have a reason to talk about me, or don’t talk about me at all… like they might just not acknowledge my presence! Yes, I can be invisible for them too… I might never be known or popular among them… I might never cross their minds or conversations…

But if I have God for me, and myself, who’s gonna stop me? Who’s gonna hold me back? If I have and value the love of The Almighty God, and treasure and obey His Word and believe in His promises for my life, who’s gonna try to tell me the opposite? Who’s gonna bring me down? Who’s gonna make me feel sad and unworthy?


Love yourself, but this time wholeheartedly and with confidence.

Keep your head up!





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