Healing is a process.

We don’t know when it ends, but the start is only up to us. I get how hard it can be, I know how painful it can be, but in the end we’ll be renewed. Healing is like looking at a flower, it’s like sowing seeds, taking care of the earth, taking away everything that can prejudice its growth…

Healing is a process. We may think we’re “alone” in this, but above it all, God is for us. Yes, the Almighty Lord, He’s waiting for your decision. He’s waiting for your first step. He’s waiting for you to forgive yourself, He’s waiting for you to believe more in Him, and less in people’s opinions.

Things won’t happen overnight, but the change begins within yourself, the self love grows inside your heart, and you’ll be free. I promise you, you’ll be truly free!

The choice is ours. We decide.

I wish I could give you the tightest hug right now. Be a listener, be your closest friend. But for now, I’m just here, miles away from you, but somehow close to your heart while you read this post.

I wrote this, because I have faith in God and this process. I believe. I care because I know how precious your soul is. You’re gonna find this purpose, I know. I have faith.

Wherever you are, may God bless and protect you from all evil.


“… just let the pain remind you hearts can heal.”



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