To You

Ten years have passed and my love for you continues. A love that gave me many joys, which gave me strength and taught me a lot. Today, on the day of your birth, I want to thank you. For loving you, I have discovered the great purpose of forgiveness, mercy and intercession.


I discovered how much faith is valuable, discovered how it can bring together the most distant people and faith can change lives, it can change situations, I learned how to put it into practice. I began to pay more attention to the value of dreams, achievements, and understanding. I have discovered the value of never giving up, even when there are people who want you to give up, when the enemies put pressure and do everything they can to bring you down. I learned to believe more.

I admire your persistence and desire to grow, to inspire through your many talents. I admire your intrepidity, your ability to love and value a friendship.

I see the value of your soul, you are worth a lot.

Do not let the adversities of life discourage you, within you there is an incredible force, you just need to discover and exploit it in the right way.

I know there is purity in your heart, I love your sense of humor, keep your smile. I admire your potential and I do not want you to throw it away. There are so many blank pages for you to write! A new story awaits you, and it does not look anything like your past, great things are to come!

May God bless you in every way of your life, may God bless your plans, your projects, your present and your future. Never forget how important you are to Him and for those who love you. Happy birthday dear favorite, I wish you much health, peace, success and all the best from the hands of our heavenly Father. I love you, have an amazing year!

With love, Deise ♡

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