Don’t Allow It


What are certain types of emotions?

Evil always strikes at your emotions, you are always bombarded in this area. Evil attacks your heart, attacks your mind so you won’t accept what comes from God. Prevents what you can be, deceives you, makes you forget what God really thinks about you. Do not allow it.

Know that God is present, believe, this it is not a matter of feeling, it is not a matter of merit, but this is about knowing. Knowing that God wants your faith, nothing more, nothing less.

Learn: God exists. God exists and He is greater than all. I do not deny my reality, but there is a greater reality. God lives and that is enough, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by feelings (that will come, and there is no way to stop them).

But be the living word, do not let God stop the work that He began in you. Eternal truth guides you.

Emotions are not eternal, do not let yourself be guided by what is not eternal.

Wrong type of emotions stagnate, emotions are inconstant, it change all the time, please don’t depend on it. Let God operate in you, and you’ll see the difference.

This post is based on Luca Martini’s video.

margarida desenho-Transp


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