10 Random Facts About Me

I love everything about nature! I love to admire my God’s creation!

Today you’re gonna have a chance to know me better!

Thank you so much Tisha, for this opportunity! I really find posts like these interesting, and wow, I’m very excited to share some random facts about me! But before you keep reading this post, I recommend you to visit her blog — Behind The Schmile, where she shares her steps to self discovery, self-improvement and self-appreciation. It’s definitely a must read, and I’m sure that you’re gonna love and relate to her way of writing and opinions! I also wanna leave here a special thanks to our favorite, Chris Brown, for bringing us together!

So, let’s go to the random facts about me:

1. I love dancing while doing chores

It’s something that keeps me motivated, because honestly, doing chores isn’t my thing lol. So, I turn up the music and dance + sing while doing chores. My day flows beautifully!

2. Currently, I’m writing in 5 different notebooks

Yes, I love writing! So, if you wanna gift me something, give me pens and notebooks! I’m a writer since I was 8, so yes, I love these type of things… it’s never enough, I always want more!

3. I love singing too and…

I have an account on Soundcloud and there’s a new song coming real soon! I inherited this talent from my mom 🙂 you can check her account here, but she only sings in Portuguese, our native language.

4. Yes, I’m Brazilian and I love english!

I have a dream to go to United States someday. I always had the skill to learn new languages, so at a very young age, I started to translate things by myself, and now I can say that I’m almost fluent in english — last year I decided to publish posts in english here and I’m very happy with that.

5. I know 6 different cities from my country

Ilhéus, Recife, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. Because of my father, my family moves constantly. I was born in Salvador, Bahia, and hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll be there again to see my grandma.

6. Daisy is my favorite flower because…

That’s the meaning of my name in Portuguese. Deise, means daisy, and its almost pronounced the same way. When I found out, it instantly became my favorite flower! I also its beauty, purity and whole meaning.

7. I gave up on driving when I was 20

Mostly because I didn’t think I was ready for such responsability. I watched classes, and I was almost going to the phase of tests, but I gave up after watching videos of people who lost family members while driving. Sad videos, including “hit and run” scenes… That made me think how I wasn’t ready for that moment, even if I did everything right… someone else could ruin everything… but now with 25, I plan on taking back the classes and try again…

8. I don’t say curse words

I never saw anything interesting is swearing, profanity. To me, it’s a waste of vocabulary, it’s a ugly thing to do… I listen to explicit songs (when I don’t have alternative), but I NEVER sing them… never, and I trained my mind to not translate them 🙂 so, it’s all good!

9. College is a distant thing for me now, but…

But I’d love to be a journalist! I never took this idea out of my head, since when a loved teacher in high school, said to me that I had the talent. Since then, it’s a dream for me. My father doesn’t approve this career, but hopefully someday, he’ll realize how much it’s important to me, and to the society in general.

10. Now I like to say that I am an amateur photographer

2017-12-10 174106.824
From my window car. Follow @senhoritadeise on Instagram!

I don’t know how or when it began, but suddenly, photography became one of my favorite things to do. I really appreciate this kind of art now, and I wanna improve in any way possible. Now I’m always paying attention to details, because I believe that everything in this world, has a beautiful side to be captured and shared. I mostly photograph flowers, but now I’m expanding my skills and trying to see more beauty in every place I go. To see more of what I’m doing, you can visit: vsco.co/senhoritadeise!

Please, don’t forget to visit her blog www.behindtheschmile.com, I’m sure you’re gonna learn great things! I love youuuu Tisha ❤ and if you liked the tag, feel free do to it in your blog and nominate more people!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

Happy Holidays!



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