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I’m feeling so honored to be here again and tell you guys that I was nominated for “Liebster Awards”, and wow, this is the second time! I’m blessed for having this opportunity, blessed to have people who pay attention to what I have to say, blessed to know that people care and that somehow I’m helping them in everything they need.

I wanna say thank you to a very special person, Tisha from Behind the Schmile. We met a few years ago on Twitter, and now we have more in common, we became bloggers. And I truly recommend her blog, where she shares her opinion, experiences, reviews (make up, restaurants), her life with God and things that keep us inspirated and motivated to do better, grow and evolve. You are so amazing! God bless you Tisha, I wish you the best

So now, I’m gonna answer her questions and in the future, nominate more blogs to participate too! Come with me 🙂

The Liebster Award:

By bloggers, for bloggers, to bloggers.

With Liebster meaning ‘dearest’ in German, the aim of the award which started back in 2011 is to recognise and promote new bloggers.

The interview (Tisha’s Questions):

1 – What inspired you to start your blog?

It all started when I finished high school in 2013. I was asking to God a direction, something to do, since I wasn’t going to a university, so He gave me the inspiration to create a blog. Something to dedicate myself, express my thoughts, my likes, my journey with Him. There was a first version of it (on blogspot), I stopped for a year and a half and came back March, 2016.

2 – What do you love most about your blog?

My blog doesn’t follow other people’s tendencies. It’s personal, and somehow its existence is for good, it helps people to be better. I love that I created a space that says a lot about who I am, about what I love. My blog is unique 😉 I love to do what I do, brings me peace.

3 – What has been your biggest blogging challenge thus far and how have you/do you plan to overcome it?

Well, unfortunately, some people still have some negative views about blogs. They put all in the same category, and some don’t believe in this as a purpose or something that we should be proud of. They think we all should talk about beauty products lol, or they think we’re trying to “show ourselves”, expose our lives… some think that this is outdated.

I am here to prove that I can do better, I can do this. I can share a good message. And hey, I’m not against who blogs in a different way than me, I’m just here to go against prejudice. I wanna improve my texts, improve the way I blog. Make more friendships, promote my blog, learn more… ❤ wish me the best.

4 – What has blogging/the blogging community taught you about yourself?

I made a lot of friendships along the way. Of course, there were times that I wanted to stop and give up (not anymore), and those people showed me that my talents have a deeper meaning. So this support, gave me reasons to be persistent. Every picture I choose to illustrate my blog, every word and subject that I choose, is part of a bigger plan.

And I’m thankful for that.

5 – What do you love most about yourself?

I am a good friend. I like to listen to what you have to say, celebrate your victories, share secrets, help you when you need me… I am loyal. When I love someone, this love is real, pure, I truly care.

I also love that I am good with words – I love that I have talents enough to be an artist.

6 – What one thing about your character would you like to improve/develop?

I’m shy – and I don’t wanna be like this anymore. It’s hard when you try to do something and your heart beats fast and you stutter when you’re gonna talk to someone and you know, live and do everything that is harder for an introvert like me. I wanna be better and have more opportunities.

7 – What is the most important lesson you have learnt so far this year?

Think before you speak. Think before you act. Choose your battles wisely.

8 – What/Who inspires you the most and why?

My mom is a person that I look up to. She’s very talented, she raised me and my brothers being our best friend and role model. She taught me so many things about God and faith, I see her as an example, even when we don’t agree, even when she goes against my will lol. She’s my best friend, and of course I’d like to be more like her. She always gives me ideas for this blog, and gave me all the support to be here blogging.

Another person that I love and inspires me a lot, is Chris Brown. His artistry is unmatched! He can do so many things, nowadays there’s no one with his work ethic, multiple talents and strength to stay even when the media and some people hated him to the fullest and tried to bring him down.

9 – What is one thing that makes you #Schmile?

Feeling good with God and myself. To do what I love. Seeing my loved ones happy. Living life being sure that God is with me 🙂

10 – If you could give one piece of advice to new bloggers, what would it be?

Don’t give up! Trust your talents and persevere, have faith in God and yourself and you’ll succeed!

My nominations:

I promise they’ll be here soon! I need to know more international blogs haha. As soon as it happens, I’ll come back here and I’ll update this post.

My questions:

Coming soon!

OMG, this was long lol! Hope you liked my answers!

Thank you Tisha, and thank you for reading this blog.

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