Please Remember

“I feel like someone needed this reminder today. I pray that you walk boldly in God’s truth that you matter. You are important. You are valuable. You are loved. Nobody can tell you different. Nor can anyone take that away from you. People will always have things to say about you and try to speak death (shame, hate, jealousy, bitterness, etc) over your life. Tell them to get behind you satan (just kidding😅) Remind them you were bought with a price. You are destined for greatness. Your life not only has meaning, but purpose. You have to learn how to speak life into your life because words are powerful. Life or death. Don’t manifest things you know isn’t true about you. Tag someone who needs this reminder. 💛”


Written by Sopha Rush, from Live Deeply Rooted.

Please, if you know someone struggling with depression or any mental illness, share this post with them. Show love, listen to them, try to understand their side. We’re gonna miss you Chaz. We wish you were still here.


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